Freon (R-22)

R-22 is a "hydro chlorofluorocarbon" refrigerant with high latent heat of vaporization used for domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning.


Freon (R-134a)

R-134a is a hydro fluorocarbon (HFC) mainly intended to replace the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) R-12 for domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, for air conditioning, for liquid cooling and for heat pumps.


Freon (R-404A)

R-404A is a "nearly-azeotropic" HFC replacement blend, specially developed to replace R-502 (CFC) for commercial, industrial and transport refrigeration.


Freon (R-407C)

R-407C is a "non-azeotropic" HFC replacement blend mainly used as a replacement for R-22 in air conditioning applications.

  Freon (R-410A)

R-410A is a near azeotropic blend mainly used in new air conditioning systems.It is used in small power air conditioning and industrial refrigeration sectors.



Synthetic ester lubricants, formulated using select polyolester base stocks and additives providing outstanding lubricity, stability and corrosion protection.
These lubricants are miscible in alternative refrigerants such as R-134a at extremely low temperatures.



Are premium quality oils designed for use as refrigeration compressor lubricant, with traditional refrigerants. They are highly stable and are essentially wax free. They have long histories of satisfactory service in many types of equipment and are approved by most manufacturers for both factory fill and maintenance fill of their equipment.


HARP POE range

The HARP POLYOL ESTER OILS range of lubricants offers excellent miscibility with HFC, HCFC refrigerants, including blends. These highly refined products also have has excellent chemical and thermal stability, as well as superior lubricity characteristics on steel and aluminium. To ensure that customers are able to use the correct polyol ester for any application, the HARP POE series of products are available in a wide range of viscosities - from ISO 22 to an ISO 68 – with other products available on request. Products come with a non intrusive additive package which is suitable for most applications.


HARP MO range

The HARP MINERALS OIL series offers excellent chemical stability when in the presence of refrigerant and other compressor materials. The formulations have good thermal stability to ensure superior performance at high compressor operating temperatures as well as excellent low temperature properties to prevent congealing in the system evaporator. The oils are also wax-free to prevent floc problems in the evaporator and expansion valve.